My mom came for a visit this weekend and it’s been lovely eating mumma food again. I’ll take her cooking over any chef in the world; nothing tastes better than something cooked with actual love. Tomorrow is a spa day at one of the many beautiful places tucked away into the Quebecois wilds. She forgot her swimsuit so I think we’ll both be Bombshelling it up.

Here’s what I’ve seen around the web this week.


Everyone has had kimono fever this summer. Jolies Bobines made my favourite so far – that print!

Mokosha has been cranking out super practical but cool summer garb for months (I love her hiking poses). I want this simple yet slightly avant garde knit dress.

Katy’s silk colourblocked tap shorts are KILLER.

The 1920’s is one of those periods that I love aesthetically but thought I could never pull off. Petit Main Sauvage may have proved me wrong; her 1929 dress seems so cool and modern in black.

I’ve been seeing a lot of rad Bombshells this summer; I’m in love with this modern floral version by Inge.

I’m assuming everyone has seen Sarai’s Lonsdale? Holy toledo! Who knew white could look so sultry?


I am actually, literally foaming at the mouth for Amy to release her first lingerie pattern at Cloth Habit. I’ve had a sneak peak and YES YES YES. She just wrote a great post about how much she loves the teaching aspect of pattern making that really resonated with me.


I know I am not the only woman in the world in love with Ira Glass from This American Life. This post on his work habits on Lifehacker was illuminating.

Most of my closest girlfriends have left Montreal so I’ve been nurturing new friendships, both in town and with long distance sewing friends. This article was sent by one of them, and I think it has some wise and profound things to say about having healthy relationships with other women. I’m so over bitchiness and cattiness; life is too short for hating.

I’ve instituted a no iphone in the bedroom policy so I can cram in more reading every day. I’m about to start Daily Rituals: How Artists Work and Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness, both highly recommend by a few friends.

Anything new and great that you’ve enjoyed reading this summer?



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