Big, huge, heartfelt thank yous and love to everyone who commented this week regarding my exciting change of life (the non-hot flashy kind). It’s a little less scary after hearing your own personal stories of free-fall freedom.

Now for a little weekend link party.


I just learned that I apparently need an entire lingerie draw fill of neon lace. Thanks Make the Things for teaching me something new about myself.

We haven’t heard very much from Melanie this year since she was too busy making the greatest wedding dress of all time, along with her bridesmaids dresses and robes, and I’m guessing everything everyone wore to her wedding because she is a sewing superhero. She’s been blogging a lot recently to catch us up and I’ve been in couture heaven. She just made this gorgeous peplum top – the insides are bananas.

Loving this skirt and sweatshirt from Capital Chic patterns on Sew Amy Sew. I’m not gonna lie – I was kinda bummed seeing the sweatshirt pattern since I had plans to release one of my own. But the quilting details are so rad I didn’t stay mad for long.

Adrienne (my Canadian soul sister living in Sweden) just made a lovely silk dress and the photos are golden hourly delicious.

I love the simplicity of Meg’s gauzy Scout peplum top. The perfect thing for steamy days.


Jen at Grainline just launched a new perfect-for-summer shirtdress along with new paper patterns! So happy for her, and us.


I had a wedding this weekend and debated about what to do for a gift since they weren’t registered anywhere. And then I stumbled on this Hudson’s Bay hammock and stopped debating. For those of you who don’t know, The Bay is Canada’s oldest department store. They have a troubled colonial history that’s pretty gnarly but I still love these stripes. Iconically Canadian. And everyone needs a hammock.


When I’m lazy and its hot all I want to eat is salad bowls.


Did you know there’s a sunscreen debate? Allegedly the drugstore stuff is super toxic and I’ve been reading a lot of DIY posts about making your own. Some people even claim eating a diet high in antioxidants helps with sunburn! Here’s an interesting article on choosing a safe sunscreen from another Canadian icon, David Suzuki.


I’m a huge reader and books and words are as necessary to my survival as food or water. Two really empowering, inspiring books that helped me decide to quit my job are #girlboss and Lean In. #girlboss (yes it has a hashtag in the title) is written by a woman I was kind of obsessed with when I was selling vintage on Ebay a few years ago since she did it better than anyone before or since. She’s brilliant and funny and badass and went from hitchhiker/dumpster diver to CEO of a hugely successful online store in under a decade. Gotta love an underdog, especially when they quote Kim Gordon and Emma Goldman. Lean In is less spunky, but it was an interesting analysis of why we don’t have more women in positions of leadership. Worth a read if you’re struggling to balance a work and family life, even if you don’t necessarily share her worldview (um, COO of Facebook).

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