More goodies and linkage from my internet meanderings.


Mary’s red and white striped dress is one half of an American flag and 100% awesome.

Seeing Fiona’s gorgeous eggplant Martini made me want to drop all of my plans and make myself a stiff cocktail. Such a perfect silhouette.

Anne is a picture of movie musical perfection.

Novita is a bra-making master. I can’t wait to start making lingerie again….

Carolyn just made a gorgeous suede jacket. She never ceases to amaze and inspire me.


Sometimes it’s the simple skills you realize need perfecting. I need to fix all of my coat buttons using this tutorial.

Heather (not me, my friendly doppelganger) did a crazy good Nettie and BHL Flora hack. Hack the planet.

Never flash the world when riding your bike in a skirt again. Ingeniously simple solutions like this always make me happy.


I ate the best pizza of my life at Roberta’s in Brooklyn last year. It made my soul rejoice. This recipe can replicate the experience – do one better and host a pizza picnic.


I’ve become ridiculously picky about what I purchase these days. Shoes are tricky since they can be as cheaply/poorly made as clothing. I bought these handmade Greek sandals off Etsy a few months ago and have been wearing them almost every day. All leather artisinally made footwear at a reasonable price? Um, yes. This Etsy shop has great styles as well.


This wild performance by Future Islands on David Letterman was much hyped a few months ago. I rewatched it in anticipation of seeing them live in September and was blown away all over again. The combination of confidence, earnest emotion, committed intensity and pretty sweet dance moves somehow falls on the right side of deranged and is just really fun to watch. Dave’s reaction is priceless.



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