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The mother of Montreal meet-up weeks has passed. We were lucky to have Renee, Kelli, Carmen and Deepika stop by at various times for drinks, fabric shopping and/or late night “the restaurants are closed and I need to make emergency ribs in a pressure cooker before everyone drops of low blood sugar” meals. I have yet to be disappointed meeting an online friend in real life; sewing people are unfailingly intelligent, funny, interesting and fun to be around. Especially when Carmen casually mentions seeing Bob Marley open for Fleetwood Mac when they were touring with Tusk (easily one of my most favourite albums of all time). I may have shrieked out loud. Correction: I did shriek out loud.

Here’s what the sewing blog world was up to outside of Montreal this week:


I’m trying to step up my exercise game. I was motivated to get moving by these fun running skirts from Sew Well,  these leggings from The Tell Tale Tasha and this yoga outfit from Ms. Wabi Sabi. Now to finish drafting my new lap swimming suit…..

How gorgeous is Lindsay’s silk Asaka kimono? I’m wearing mine while I type this Sunday morning. What a glorious pattern.

When I saw Abby’s patchwork elephant on instagram my cute meter basically exploded. She’s working on a new pattern for it. I might finally make a few softies for all the new babies in my life….

I went into a hip vintage store recently and my head basically exploded when I saw that everything I ever wore in high school in the 90s is back in style, like, major. I have so much more empathy for my mother’s horror when I started wearing bell bottoms at 13. One of the things I saw for sale was a super classic 90s canvas backback, so I really appreciated seeing this much better crafted (and strangely alluring) recreation over on Incondite Le Grand.

Hand sewn espadrilles over on How to Make That. Want! Want!

Oona killed it this week. Twice.

I will never tire of seeing Vogue 1247 made up. It’s in the canon. Here’s another winner by Bellbird.

Sallie jumpsuits in the wild! A navy version by Sena (my lovely tester), a chic black one from The Wardrobe Project and grey marle curvy goodness from So On Edge.


Seamstress Erin is hosting a pretty epic looking sewalong for her new Nautilus swimsuit pattern.


I loved Caroline‘s Guide to Montreal in Seamwork this week. Bookmark this piece if you ever come for a visit; I even discovered a few new places!


Fleetwood Mac + Marching Band.


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