Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re enjoying yourself, whatever you’ve been up to this weekend. It was Fashion Revolution Day a few days ago; it seemed appropriate to host a clothing swap on Saturday, which is more or less the only way I get “new” clothing that I haven’t made personally. I highly recommend organizing one with your girlfriends every year or so. I always walk away with a stack of great stuff that otherwise would have gone to a thrift store.

This was a great week for you-mades on sewing blogs. Let’s check in.


Sophie’s high-waisted bikini is making me shake a fist at the rainy, overcast sky.

I feel like I link to Carolyn every other week, but how can I not when she makes these mindbogglingly beautiful pieces? In my eyes, her makes often border on wearable art.

One of my favourite sewing projects this year, easily. An overdyed maxidress sent straight from heaven on Crab & Bee.

I think Kelly at Cut Cut Sew finally hacked the Linden Sweatshirt secret for me – cropped AND cuffed. A killer line-up on her blog.

A reminder to tap into my vintage pattern collection this spring; Erin in purple.

Erica’s mesh and scuba dress is holycowholycowholycow.


I desperately want to do this to a pair of Ginger jeans.


I have a podcast problem. I made a joke on Facebook this week that I’m essentially becoming my father, who only listens to AM sports radio. Here is a great article that explains why we are so captivated by audio stories. And if you’re into laughing, start listening to the Ronna & Beverly podcast. Oy vey, it’s good stuff.


The construction of this Dior bag is just…. *puts tongue back in mouth*.


If you’re in the Toronto area, there seems to be a pretty epic fabric sale coming up in May at the Textile Museum of Canada. Why don’t I have the power to teleport?

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