Hi everyone! Things have been quiet on the blog this week because I took off for a short 5 day trip to visit my parents in Arizona. I fell utterly in love with the landscape (which was pretty obvious on Instagram) even if the air was so dry I was tempted to dip my entire body in a vat of olive oil. My favourite discovery was the White Dove thrift shop in Mesa; I highly recommend visiting it if in you’re in the neighborhood. I was blown away by the quality and pricing of the merchandise and wish I could have gone back a second time.

Because of the time change I woke up at 6am every day and read my blog roll while the sun rose. Here’s what struck me this week.


Surprise! Marcy made some really colourful Watson bras.

This neoprene jacket from Fruits Flowers & Clouds is BOSS.

I am obsessed with Brooklyn Tweed even if I am a very lackadaisical knitter. My favourite ever pattern is the Ondawa sweater so I practically peed my pants when I say Sonja’s version. UTTER. PERFECTION.

The details on the latest Chistopher Kane collection are crazy bananas.

Do you have a bun in the oven? There’s been a great series of quick maternity makes over on Cotton & Curls.

Basically my favourite silhouette ever; a Nettie bodysuit and maxi skirt over on Diary of a Chainstitcher.


I really want to make fabric scrap washcloths like Megan Nielson. Here’s her tutorial for making “scrap yarn“.

LOVED Jen’s tutorial for appliqueing sweatshirts over at the Grainline blog.


When I have a few days off, all I want to do is read  in the sun like a literate housecat; I devoured a couple of gems this week. I laughed my butt off in between underlining passages for their beautiful insight while reading We Learn Nothing by Tim Kreider. Seriously excellent. Similar giggles and moments of received wisdom were had reading How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran; it’s sex positive and a little racy but oh the laughter.


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