Happy Sunday everyone! I got surprised with a new Wii U this weekend (the birthday is coming up next week and a certain someone just couldn’t wait). Totally sucked in already. I LOVE NINTENDO. Especially in the winter. In other news….


Poppy Kettle makes a “simple” dress. YEAH RIGHT MELANIE.

A great winter coat over on Crab and Bee. Along with a buttload of helpful tailoring information.

This cool and modern dress from Fruit, Flowers & Clouds makes my eyeballs happy. And styled to perfection.

Love Lola calls it normcore. I call it a chic winter uniform.

Yet again, a perfect marriage between print and pattern over at Dolly Clackett.


Gray All Day wrote a supremely helpful post about Instagram sewing hashtags. A great way to find new makers.

An easier and cheaper way to print PDF patterns for my metric sisters over on Reana Louise.


I love making cocktails.  Some killer bitters recipes over on the Alabama Chanin blog.

I am CRAZY for popcorn. It’s my all-time favourite snack. I alternate between traditional butter/salt to Braggs/nutritional yeast when I’m trying to be “healthy”. My friend David is a popcorn fiend and a food aficionado and he turned me onto this really special heirloom Tiny But Mighty Heirloom Popcorn. It’s one of those niche products you can only find online and he buys it by the case and gave me a bag. The kernels are really small but the skins are thin so the unpopped ones are easy to crunch and don’t get stuck in your teeth. It has this earthy, nutty flavour and now I am completely hooked.

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