birds on snow

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s currently in the minus twenties in Montreal; never have I ever been more grateful for cabs and board games. I hope wherever you are, you’re warm and possibly even cozy. That’s what Sundays in January are for.


Marie gives a basic knit dress a kick in the butt with quilted panels on A Stitching Odyssey.

Pining just a little for this rub-off sweater on Sew DIY.

Does Erika B. ever not look painfully chic? The answer is NO. This white on white ensemble is flawless.

Smitten with this autumnal floral dress from Tea Okereke.

This black polka dot Moneta by The Quirky Peach may be my favourite so far.

I pretty much swore out loud when I saw these super sexy high-waisted Ginger jeans over at Vivat Veritas. Skin tight never looked so good.


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know I am equally obsessed with the 70’s and Joanna Newsom. So Joanna Newsom choosing her favourite songs from the 70’s was like a little gift wrapped package delivered straight to my ear drums. If you have a few minutes, I was particularly moved by Living Without You by Harry Nilsson…. so perfect for drinking tea and looking meditatively out the window.


I’ve started a weekly board game night with some friends, which is about a billion times better than going out to bars to spend quality time. I have become pretty obsessed with this funny bean trading card game called Bohnanza. Trust me, it’s the funnest. I’m also quite keen on Ticket To Ride; I played last night for the first time and it gives you lots of excuses to yell “CHOO CHOO!” when you make an especially good move.


A meditation on a new year, and a new pair of jeans.

You may have seen me spazzing out on instagram this week that one of my all-time favourite movies is being turned into a Netflix series. Fellow Wet Hot American Summer fans can read the news here. And the only thing better than the Wet Hot summer camp is the one I’ll be teaching my jean making course at next fall. There are still a few spots left at Camp Workroom Social and we’ve already started making sample jeans in all the sizes so we can help you work out fit issues along with teaching you to make your very own pair!

I finally finished Roger Ebert’s memoir Life Itself. I cried so many times during this book I think my Kindle has permanent tear stains. An often staggeringly beautifully written collections of essays, as Roger looked back at his life after losing his ability to eat and speak from jaw cancer. Hopeful, joyful, wise, humanistic, nostalgic – just perfect.


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