Happy Sunday everyone! This is probably the last Closet Core weekly roundup for 2014 so I’m making it count.


Apparently I’m not the only one making holiday Annas. Love this purple version by Where Heather Grows. Or this one by Crafting a Rainbow.

A lovely red bubble coat by Bellbird.

Erica B. in a Christian Dior 70’s coat of perfection.

A paramecia print blouse from Did You Make That, because science is pretty.

Maimu made a lovely wedding dress for her friend: a simple silhouette but beautifully made.


New sewing crush: Joost rules.

Fabric shopping in Paris? Here are some guides from A Challenging Sew and Tilly & The Buttons.

An epically great post from Pattern Vault on Valentino’s Vogue Patterns while under the Christian Dior mantle.

A series of posts from Hanne Vandersteen on drawing fashion illustrations.


Has anyone seen the Babadook? I’m generally two much of a scairdy cat to watch horror movies but this interview with its smart, feminist director, Jennifer Kent, makes me want to see it. As long as someone looks under my bed before I go to sleep directly afterwards.


This monkey and cat animal odd couple video is strangely soothing.

If parenting involved daily dance battles to Tribe Called Quest, I would have a million children.

A magical ballroom, under a lake. I want to go to there. In a very special dress.


I just discovered the Strangers podcast, and I cannot speak highly enough about the Love Hurts series. Four spectacularly raw, moving, personal episodes about the host’s search for love and connection after healing from a major heartbreak. A must listen for anyone who is single and looking.

(Feature image photo by Guillaume Gilbert).


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