I was raised primarily by my mom, and her solution for “What to do with Heather” during the summer meant camp. Lots and lots of camp. Day camps, overnight camps. Church camps, YMCA camps. Camps where I fell in love with the hippie-ish head cook, and camps where we only ate hotdogs and PB&J for 7 days straight because they ran out of money for food. I was even once kicked out of camp, for getting into a pudding fight during craft hour with a few other “counselors in training” when I was 13. All this to say, the camp experience is very much a part of my molecular make-up, and was responsible for many of my most favourite childhood memories. So, when Jennifer at Workroom Social asked me to teach a jeans intensive course at Camp Workroom Social, I actually did a little spazzy dance of joy in my apartment. 4 days and 3 nights in an upstate New York sleepaway camp with a  bunch of other sewing nerds? UM, YES. There are a number of course tracks to choose from: patternmaking, dressmaking, bra making, fitting for your figure and my Ginger Jeans class. These will be intensive, 8 hour days where there is lot of time and space to learn at your own pace and socialize with each other in a fun environment. When we’re not sewing we’ll be zip lining, rock climbing, stuffing our faces, doing yoga or singing karaoke (or possibly a combination of one or more of these activities). Registration is now open for Camp Workroom Social, and there is a discounted fee until this Wednesday. There is also a payment plan, which is great if you’d prefer to pay in installments (fyi, food, board and transportation to the camp from NYC is included.) Class space is really limited so I would suggest booking early if you’d like to join us for what may be the best weekend of all time (I know I’m prone to hyperbole but if I could invent a time machine I would actually be at camp right now).

In other news….


This bright blue coat by Yoshimi makes the cold outside a little less grim.

I’ve watched almost 6 seasons of the Gilmore Girls in the last few weeks (the  TV runs nonstop while I’m sewing) so seeing Charity Shop Chic’s Yale inspired refashion was very welcome indeed.

Some great denim inspiration from the unselfish sewing jeans made by Very Purple Person and A Fashionable Stitch.

Seems like everyone has got tie dye on the brain – peep these leggings by Miss Make and Hyer Handmade’s hand dyed dress.

I love all of Oona’s crazy makes, but this hounds tooth cape was so hallucinogenically awesome I had to tip my hat to her.

I have an old army jacket that could definitely use a little boost a la A Pair & A Spare.


Thank you to Kelly for introducing  me to the sewing blog Sanae Ishida. A feast for the eyes, and I was especially happy to read this beautifully written post.


Every year when the weather changes from crisp to cool to cold, I start craving carbohydrates like a vampire craves blood. It’s practically feral; in my darker moments I’m convinced I would eat a bag of raw potatoes. It’s basically nature’s way of telling me I need a built-in parka to fight off the chill and I have no interest in fighting it. Last night I made us a Meyer lemon feast (oh the bliss of Meyer lemon season!) This fettucine pasta is so simple and comforting. And this lemon glazed cake went straight to my everything and I don’t give a fig. Bring on the winter cushion.


The Animal Odd Couple of the week goes to CAT + DUCKLINGS.


Pretty stoked about the new Colette venture, Seamwork. I have so much admiration and respect for Sarai and I am really excited to see what she does in a monthly magazine format. I’ve never been particularly inspired by a lot of craft publications so I think the time is right for a fresh take on the format. Also hoping to see some great contributing writing from the blogosphere.

Have you heard about the Sewing Pattern Directory? Jane was enterprising enough to put together a website that lists most of the indie companies all in one place… a good place for window shopping.


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