Hello friends! This here outtake is the result of about a million hours of blood, sweat and serger thread…. My new pattern, the Ginger Jeans! If all goes well, I will be dropping them this week. The above is a modern take on classic high-waisted pinup jeans, but there is also an option for a low-waisted stove-pipe, and I can’t wait for you to see them….. I’m giving you a little sneak peek because I talk a lot about them on The Sewing Affair Podcast, which just went live today. Take a listen if you have the time; I had a great time talking to Corinne and I felt so honoured to be interviewed.

On to the internet goodies!


I’ve been suffering from major 90’s nostalgia lately (that would have been pretty clear in this week’s Halloween costume post) and Jacqui’s crushed velvet Mabel couldn’t have been better timed. Smells Like Teen Yes Please.

What’s better than making your own wedding dress? How about making your husband’s suit, too? I want to steal Lindsay’s dress RIGHT OFF HER BACK.

Kathy is quickly shooting up my “favourite bra makers” list. I never knew I wanted green boobs before. Now I really, really do.

Digging Erika’s graphic print sweater.

Try not to die of jealousy looking at this Marimekko factory tour on When All You Need Is….

I’m probably not the only one into the strappy bra trend these days. There is a great pattern hack on Ohh Lulu showing you how to do it!


Here’s a fun fact about me; I’m obsessed with “animal odd couple” videos. My boyfriend and I watched a documentary about it on Netflix a while back and I basically lost my mind the entire time. So now he sends me videos like this so he can laugh at me going through the entire range of human emotions in 3 minutes.


You might want to wipe off the drool on your keyboard after looking at this breathtaking tour of a Chanel atelier.


It can be hard to find music to listen to when you’re working. It’s like discovering the right tension on your serger; the frequency aligns and BOOM, you’re off. Here’s a list of great “work” albums from my pals at Spyglass Editing.


This essay on our relationships with other women really resonated with me this week:

Here’s an insanely revolutionary act: why not counter each ill thought that comes through your head with an acceptance—the acceptance that you’re not always going to agree with everything every woman does. Or an acceptance that some women will be tricky and some will be actual bitches, some of them will read Lean In and be the next Sheryl Sandberg, some women will call Beyoncé an anti-feminist, some will be walking contradictions, or some women will say that I’m a fake behind my back, or that I’m a liar, and that I don’t write well, or whatever—and just to accept that people are just people, women are just women, instead of reacting poorly and slamming them in whatever juvenile way that you see fit.

All of the hate stems from a disillusioned society that places men on top for being alive, and women are the ones that have to struggle to be constantly validated in the workplace, by their friends, peers, boyfriends, parents, shrinks. No wonder we can’t give each other a break, we’re terrified of not getting one ourselves so we snatch what we can from whomever we can. Dog eat dog. Bitches eat bitches. Except, no. Except what if we just didn’t do that anymore? I want to feed myself a new rhetoric now:

I am here for other women.


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