This was the week of roadblocks. It’s probably worthy of a post; “A Behind the Scenes Look at Everything Going Wrong”. In the end I think we’re back on course and indulging in some selfish sewing certainly helped to keep the panic at bay. As did looking at beautiful you-mades.


Such a pretty summer frock from Mokosha.

The post I’ve been waiting for; Fickle Sense explains how she made her gorgeous 30’s inspired wedding gown, along with some tips on making your own wedding dress.

Joelle’s silk print wrap dress gave me a case of The Wants.

Have you been following Kadiddlehopper’s adventures/obsession making Barbie clothes? Her instagram is a joy and this photoshoot featuring Scully Barbie in a plunging gown made my day.

Quite taken with Love Lola’s librarian blouse from Gertie’s first book.

A beautiful lemon yellow sheer chiffon Cascade skirt from Julia Bobbin.


I will always love Kirsten Dunst. This short film is a pretty great indictment of selfie culture.


One of my best pals Sara (she just started a food blog and the writing is really great) recommended I check out Jennifer Castle’s new record Pink City, and it was love at first listen. If you like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, you’ll go nuts for its Laurel Canyony goodness. You can hear the whole record here; Sparta is my favourite song.


I met my boyfriend’s chic, warm, amazing French mother for the first time this weekend. She’s an unbelievable cook so I was reeeaally nervous to make dinner Saturday but I ended up being quite happy with my “celebrating the harvest” menu. I love making mezzes, Middle Eastern starter dishes.  If you have access to some eggplants and tomatoes, mirza ghasemi is a delicious and nourishing Persian specialty. I also made muhammara, a red pepper and walnut spread. Both are fantastic with flatbreads. For the main course I made the Zuni Cafe roasted chicken and bread salad, which gets better every time I try it. And if you are drowning in apples, try this super easy, super pretty apple tart with salted caramel glaze.


A fascinating article about how Madewell bought an old-school American brand in it’s quest for an authentic history, written by the great-grand son of the original founder of the company.

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