Hope you’ve had a lovely week. Big thanks to everyone who chimed in with iron advice this week; after much hemming and hawing I finally made a decision. Once it arrives and I have a chance to test it out I’ll let you know if I made the right call. On to the link party!


The Oscar for best blog photos of the week goes to Thread Theory. Morgan looked so beautiful I cried a little; makes you want to throw caution to the wind and jump on a plane to British Columbia, doesn’t it?

Super keen on Yoshimi’s floral Wenona shirt dress.

As I type this, I am wearing my Hudson pants. Which I have almost every day this week. Must must make another pair. And maybe in ikat like Little Green Orchids.

A simple but meticulously made shirt dress by Mary at Idle Fancy made me wish summer wasn’t on its way out the door.

I’m so happy the BHL Holly is finally out! I’ll be sharing mine next week. Loved Jenny’s contrast version – Riviera perfection.

I love it when people recreate beloved designer garments. Crab & Bee made a super chic Isabel Marant inspired tunic.

I love reading Esther from the Stick’s blog. Watching the evolution of this young designer is so inspiring! Her final project for her first year in fashion school is gorgeous.


I hate when my bra straps hang out of things. It’s an easy fix using this tutorial by Sew DIY.

I found out there is a Lightroom class on Craftsy after my post on organizing photos last week. Might be worth checking out if you’d like to learn how to use the program.


I had the good fortune to meet the lovely Norma of Orange Lingerie this week (she was visiting Montreal with her husband and we met for a coffee). Really excited to purchase her book Demystifying Bra Fitting and Construction; it’s high time I start making lingerie again.


I recently discovered coconut rice and it’s basically all I want to eat, forever. A perfect meal for an autumn evening? Chili garlic chicken on coconut rice and sauteed bok choy with Momofuko ginger scallion sauce. Easy, tasty, pretty.

Anyone else canning tomatoes this month? I’ve done it every September for the past 10 years so I always have a full larder of summer magic in the bowels of winter. Creative Bug has a free class on how to do it if you sign up for a trial membership.



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