Hope you’ve had a marvelous week. In an attempt to counteract the effects of sitting in front of a computer 10 hours day, I started doing the 7 minute workout on my lunch break. Correction: I did the 7 minute workout once and couldn’t lift my hands over my head for 2 days afterward. I think that means it’s working? Enough about my painfully (literally) out of shape bod. Let’s look at stuff.


You probably already knew that Sally of Charity Shop Chic is a refashion legend. This pattern hack of her Martini pattern took my breath away.

These leather and ponte leggings from Lily Sage & Co. made me REALLY regret not scoring some leather when I had the chance in NY.

I have so much respect for people who throw themselves into epic sewing challenges for things they probably won’t wear every day. Dixie DIY has been working on an Edwardian costume and her beautiful period underthings take a kind of patience that leaves me in awe.

Rochelle’s adorable western Archer was accessorized with actual real life cats, and I laughed really hard.

I was so excited to see Hanne’s XYT dress hack! I was so torn about what back option to choose for mine, and I think hers looks awesome.

Really loved Deer & Doe’s new pattern. I love a shirt that covers the butt for maximum leggings time, and the faintly equestrian vibe makes me want to wear it with jodhpurs and riding boots.


Love Lola just wrote a great post on using Search Engine Optimization for maximizing your Google traffic.

Sarah Berkes makes lovely things on her handmade blog, but I’m really loving her branding posts too. If you’re thinking at all about this stuff for your small business, I highly suggest checking out her introduction to branding, creating a mood, and logo design.


Who else watched Troop Beverly Hills a million times when they were a kid? How about this breakdown of every outfit Shelley Long wore in the movie? In a word: YES.

I saw one of the best sci-fi movies ever this week: Snowpiercer. It’s by a great Korean director named Bong Joon-Ho and it’s his first English release. Hardly any CGI, the whole thing takes place on a train hurtling through a post-apocalypse frozen earth, with a stratified class system under revolt. So smart, beautiful, scary, funny. I loved it so much and haven’t stopped thinking about it. It’s not on Netflix but is streaming on Amazon here.


I haven’t had a chance to makes these yet but they come highly recommend. If you are also obsessed with salt and vinegar chips, these salt and vinegar roasted chickpeas might make you feel a little better about pigging out.


I finally got a bunch of sewing tools I’ve been needing over the last week. I know sewing as a habit can get expensive but I don’t know why I waited so long to buy beeswax for handsewing and a wood clapper to get the best pressed seams ever.


Hi! I'm Heather Lou, a pattern designer and sewing educator for the modern maker. At Closet Core Patterns, we transform your imagination into step-by-step implementation that helps you create a wardrobe you love - not one you're limited to buying off the rack.

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