Welcome to our New & Improved Website!

Hello everyone. Today I want to talk to you about our new and improved website! Things look a lot more different around here so I thought I’d take a moment to explain the changes we’ve made and how our new site works.

We didn’t touch our branding too much – my biggest priority was streamlining our site and making it MUCH easier to find what you’re looking for. We’ve been blogging here since 2011, which means most of the helpful content we’ve created over the years was starting to get a bit cobwebby from being hidden away. We’ve cleaned up our menu making it much easier to navigate – the new Shop tab lets you browse by Pattern, Hardware Kits and Sewing Classes, while our Learn & Be Inspired tab collects all the helpful tutorials and sewalongs we’ve created over the years. I wanted to make it easy to browse tutorials and maybe discover posts that are new or helpful to you.


On the blog side, we’ve made quite a few changes to layout and findability. Now when you land on the blog homepage, you’ll see a scrolling slideshow of posts we think you’ll enjoy, whether they are brand new or from the archive. Below that, you can find the most frequently used categories: Sewing Tutorials, Free Patterns & Resources, Our Handmade Closet and Fitting Advice. Below that you can start scrolling posts by most recent. We’ve also majorly upgraded our sidebar, making it simpler to Filter by topic or pattern, and access the Sewing Resource Library right away. Basically, there are now multiple ways to find older content, whether that’s through the menu, category boxes, or our sidebar dropdown menu.

Our Sewing Help and How-Tos now have their own page, again with a big slider at the top for older posts we still love. At the top, you can refine your search even more, whether that is specifically sewing tutorials, fabric posts, fitting tips, pattern hacking etc.

We’ve used the same format for our Free Patterns & Resources section, and made it even easier to access our members-only Sewing Resource Library since we know it was a bit tricky to find before. Every blog post that comes with a free pattern, pattern bonus or fitting ebook or resource can now be found here!

Our Sewalongs have also been given a facelift, and we’ve cleaned up these pages to include any extra “bonus” content that might be relevant to that specific pattern.


Our online store has been given a major facelift and is sooo much easier to navigate. When you’re viewing our patterns you can now sort by all sorts of criteria by using the filter bar on the left. You can view patterns by size range (making it much easier to track what patterns we currently have available in our 14-30 size range), garment type, difficulty, fabric type and pattern format.

Another big change: we’ve merged our PDF and Print patterns into one listing, making it that much simpler to find the pattern you’re looking for! You’ll  select Pattern Format and a pop up will appear where you can select language and/or size range and quantity.

Best of all, each pattern now has a “Helpful Resources” section below the main description where we’ve linked to every relevant sewing tutorial or sewalong post relevant to that pattern.

If you’re ever struggling with construction, this is the place to visit to see what additional resources we’ve created for you!


One of the biggest changes we made to our online store was to move the checkout for our online course to our pattern shop. We will continue to host our courses on Teachable as usual, but going forward, you will not need to do a separate checkout for a class and pattern – everything is now in one place! The best part about this change is that you now have a lot more pattern options when you enroll in a class. You can choose a PDF or print pattern (if available), and for our jean-making class, you can select any one of our jeans patterns rather than the Ginger Mid-rise which was the old default option. For our jean-making class, we’ve also added a few “bundle” options, so if you’d like to make Morgan AND Ginger, you can get them at a discount for print or PDF when you buy the class.

When you enroll, you’ll be sent either an email link with your PDF pattern, or a shipping confirmation when your physical pattern ships. You’ll also be auto-enrolled in the class and sent an account activation email for Teachable to access the class. Please note, since we’re still using the Teachable platform for classes, you will still need to login to Teachable to view courses; your account login for our online shop will not get you there. That said, we have a helpful Account Tab on our menu that takes you to a page where you can login to either your shop account, or your course account.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things but I think that sums up the main changes to navigation and usability. Since we only just launched, I am anticipating bugs and weirdness – if anything seems broken or isn’t working properly for you, please let me know so we can get it fixed straightaway. In the meantime, I encourage you to take a look around and discover how much easier our site is to use – I suspect you’ll find some interesting blog posts you didn’t even know were there!

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