This Week in Sewing Blogs // Vol. 92

This Week in Sewing Blogs vol. 92 // Photoshoot with Harry // Closet Core Patterns

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been a frenzied week in the studio as we’re trying to  get the new pattern ready for release (I’ve even shared a few sneak peaks on Instagram!) This weekend I shot it on an actual model (a lovely friend who was game to get in front of the camera) and rather enjoyed not being front and center for a change; I’m sure I’ll still model patterns from time to time but its kind of nice to know it’s an option not to, too.

Here’s what you’ve been up to…


A lovely make from the queen of shirt dresses, Idle Fancy.

Speaking of shirt dresses… love the mellow lavender vibes of this self drafted number from Peneloping.

Summer! Red shorts! By Gum By Golly!

One helluva dress from Oona Balloona.

I am very much feeling Mokosha’s shirt vibes.

Ms. Wabi Sabi is doing a good job of convincing me I need some mega wide legged trousers….

Jasika Nicole nails DIY red carpet.

Bellbird made my favourite sweater of 2016, hands down.

A very pretty abstract bra from Carolyn.

Love love love seeing how jeans age… this post from Very Purple Person is awesome!


I love Julie Delpy, hard (you should really see Richard Linklater’s “Before” trilogy and Two Days in Paris if you don’t know who I’m walking about). This interview just confirms why.

A thought provoking post from Noble & Daughter on unhealthy sewing.

I was interviewed recently for a design blog in their series on passion projects.


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