This Week in Sewing Blogs // VOL. 84

Rowe coat pattern by Brooklyn Tweed // Closet Core Patterns

Happy weekend makers! It’s been a whirlwind of birthday parties and baby showers (Monserratt’s in fact, a friend I met through sewing and meet-ups in Montreal) and today I’m cozied up in this gorgeous hand-knit cardigan my aunt just finished for me, thinking about the outstanding book Women in Clothes, and cleaning out my closet in preparation for spring (if it wasn’t -7C I would be outside taking pictures of this slouchy sweater goodness).

In fact, I actually bought clothes for the first time in quite a while this week. I’ve been work-sewing almost exclusively and desperately wanted to replace the stained Hudson pants and holey leggings I’ve been wearing all winter, so I actually went into a mall and bought a few basics, the sorts of things I know I can make but can never seem to find the energy to tackle after a full day of sample making. I have the spring fever, that restless energy that craves fresh, new ideas and things. I want to start wearing make-up and cute shoes again, doing more with my hair than haphazardly tossing it up in a butterfly clip; basically rejecting all the rote, unconscious dressing patterns you tend to slip into when its cold outside and you’ve nowhere to go. So I got over my guilt and weird feelings about shopping and bought a few things and am trying not to be hard to on myself for going to a mall. Maker guilt is a tangible thing. Here are some things you made this week that are fanning the winds of spring for me….


Meow… Sallie’s cat print dress has me purring.

Tasha’s yellow eyelet dress is a warm breeze on a sunny day.

Desperately want my own version of Carolyn’s graphic coat; what a way to punctuate an outfit!

Some fabulous “winter culottes” from Noble & Daughter – something about the proportions of her outfit and the sharp, crisp photos make my eyeballs very happy.

I noticed so many off the shoulder tops when I was out shopping this week, which reminded me of this refashioned  t-shirt Buffy wore in the 6th or 7th season of the show that I was completely obsessed with. Rachel is inspiring me to finally get around to making my own; I’m feeling the fresh and clean vibes of this white off the shoulder number.

Morgan self-drafted a versatile little jumper dress. I want.

Some gorgeous knits from Fancy Tiger Crafts this week; pining for Jaime’s cabled sweater and this sweet little short sleeved beauty from Lauren.

Nikki always makes me want to be the sort of woman who wears heels every day. This yellow topper coat is not helping.


A fun sewing challenge from Sew Nip Tuck with “Pass the Pattern”.


Thanks to Stephanie for sending me this great article explaining why men and women’s shirts (infuriatingly) button on different sides.

ANother great suggestion from Polda Pop; a fascinating analysis of textile technology and how’s it changed our world.

If you’re as obsessed with J. Kenji Lopez-Alt as I am (my current favourite recipe writer & culinary director of Serious Eats), you’ll love this interview he did on Quora. Reminded me how badly I need a new mortle and pestle….

A great post from Norma at Orange Lingerie on the fastest way to find your bra pattern size.


Just discovered the Okan Arts fabric shop; they have a stellar collection of Japanese cottons. They’re mostly for quilting but I can’t stop thinking of dressmaking applications….

I get a secret thrill with making delicious dinners out of whatever I can scrounge up in my fridge; this Cacio e Pepe pasta recipe is MAGICAL, takes 15 minutes, and costs hardly anything. Basically? Perfect.


I’ve always had a girl crush on Jacqui, but this Seamwork podcast episode made me see hearts for eyes.


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