This Week in Sewing Blogs // VOL. 83

La Droguerie // This week in sewing blogs vol. 83

Happy Sunday Makers! Hope you’re enjoying your Easter weekend with lots and lots of chocolate. As you read this I’m out in the country somewhere laughing at Harry romp around outside and/or laughing at my friends trying to find the Easter candy I’m going to hide all over the house.

Spring is in the air and in our hearts, which means lots and lots of sewing from all of you… here are my favourite projects this week.


Amanda’s Easter dress makes me think church on Easter Sunday must be the hottest ticket in town!

I was so excited to see Devon post after a long blog absence; even more that is was for this super sweet cherry print dress.

Mainely Dad’s ode to Kanye streetwear made tea shoot out of my nose AND IT WAS WORTH IT.

Loooove the new Falda Jacket from Pattern Fantastique – such an innovative design! Especially taken with this chambray version from Blogless Anna.

Kay the Sewing Lawyer has the most meticulous handiwork – this jacket fits like an absolute dream.

Officially obsessed with the new pants pattern from Tessuti. 10000% making these in linen when the temperature heats up….

A flowy Sylphide dress from Ms. Wabi Sabi – perfect fabric!

Allie, you’re killing me in this blue gingham two piece – flash back to my own gingham two piece setacular.

Two beautiful Clare coats this week – Becca is chic in grey, and Jodi stands out in cobalt.


If you’re like me, you’re a little obsessed with the Smitten Kitchen food blog and also bought Deb Perelman’s book the minute it came out. This interview with her made me so happy because she’s just as thoughtful and awesome as you could ever dream.

Same goes for Lucinda Williams (aka my Shero)- I totally lost it when she talks about her father on the Death, Sex & Money podcast.



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