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Happy Sunday everyone! I’ve been taking it majorly easy this weekend. I’m trying to get a good head start for the Snoqualmie Knitalong so I’m hoping to get the back piece of my sweater mostly done. “Majorly easy” basically just entails binge watching Love and the second season of The 100 (which is the craziest thing in tv right now, btw) while Harry alternately fights with dog toys or sleeps by my side. I hope your version of majorly easy is just as gratifying.


True story: G has been harassing me to make him a pair of overalls ever since I finished my Turia dungarees (he tried them on as a joke and then immediately said “I want a pair!”). So obviously I sent him a link to Peter’s denim overalls. His response? “Exactly that but minus the 70s leg!” I should give him bell bottoms just out of spite because I think Peter’s overalls are perfect as is.

Sue’s blue polka dot Clare coat made my heart burst out of my chest.

I have so many ideas for quilting but can never find the time; love Beth’s improvised blue scrap quilt.

A cozy plaid sweater coat from Miss Celie’s pants.

A simple, perfect t-shirt from Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing.

Love this suede skirt refashion from Lily Sage & Co.

A great history of red carpet pant suits and appropriate sewing patterns on Pattern Vault.


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