This week in Sewing Blogs vol. 76 // Closet Core Patterns

Happy Sunday! I’ve been knitting up a freaking storm. I finished my first sock and I’m not even close to experiencing Second Sock Syndrome – so excited to get another one on the needles now that I understand how sock knitting works (aka Practical Magic). I’m also forcing myself to finish up my Wool and the Gang James Jacket, which has been languishing since before I left on holidays. I kind of hate mega chunky knitting right now after finding my groove with my little pin-thin sock needles but it’s a very cool little pattern and I’m happy I un UFO-ed it. I also got invited to my friend’s Vermont farmhouse next weekend, solely so we can knit for 16 hours a day by the fire and talk about wool. It might as well be Disneyland. I’m officially hooked on knitting. It only took 12 years.

Here’s what you’ve been making.


Adore this matching bra and garter set from Madalynne. I am the worst at making pretty matching underwear and wish I had the patience for this kind of sewing.

I just discovered Allie J’s blog and her vintage inspired wedding dress is SPECTACULAR.

I always get so excited when Sophie posts a new project. These tropicana print culottes are bananas.

I love seeing new interpretations of older patterns; Suzy Bee’s Macaron is awesome.

A fun “His Girl Friday” inspired jumpsuit from the Three Dresses Project.

I want to rip this shirt right off of Morgan’s  back, but in a non-threatening, friendly way. That’s possible right?

Jeans in an evening! Way to show us the way Katie. I am copying everything about this.

Prepare for cute overload: little knitted baby duck boots!

Absolutely smitten with Lindsay’s Sundottir sweater.


For all you cosplay and history nerds; a profile on The Hateful Eight costumes!

Some insightful comments on creative integrity from  Natalie Chanin.


Helpful tips from Did You Make That on cutting out paper patterns.

Highlight of my week? Seeing Kenneth D. King  modelling hip hop pants to demonstrate sleeve fit. Here’s a video. I love this man.


So I took the plunge; my puppy Harry comes home on February 6th. I’m equally terrified and ecstatic about how this is going to change my life, and I am concerned about burying instagram in a deluge of puppy shots. Any suggestions for good training books? I’m going to need all the help I can get.


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