This Week in Sewing Blogs // vol. 137

Happy Sunday makers! I’ve been sewing like crazy since I know once I move next month I probably won’t have much time for personal projects that aren’t distinctly house related. I drafted a spring/summer sewing list and I am easily half way through it, which means I am building quite the lovely capsule wardrobe this season (basically all in shades of white, grey and black, because that’s how I’m rolling these days). This weekend I finished a tencel Kalle dress I had started last month, along with zipping out three much needed t-shirts. I’ve greatly pared my closet down this year so I’m trying to fill in the gaps with wearable separates I know will get a lot of mileage. It’s incredibly satisfying.

Here’s what you’ve been up to.


I love reading Peter’s posts about the classes he takes at FIT (sooooo jealous). This post on his draping experiments was especially inspiring.

I appreciated Karen’s thoughts on Slow Fashion.

Three mighty cute Ebony Tees from Clever Tinker.

Great pants from Charlie; I’m working on a similar draft myself.

How charming is this dress Anneke made?

Some great jeans this week. Lauren made Morgan “pants”, and Becca warmed my heart with her post about getting her sewing groove back by making some Ginger Jeans.

Another bold, original dress from ReDpants Designs.

I LOVE Liesl’s linen summer jacket – so chic!


I was always in awe of Johanna, my best friend from interior design school. She was one of those creative people who seemed to pull brilliant ideas out of the ether, while the rest of us were always hunting for inspiration to work from. She’s a true visionary and is now designing incredible spaces in Toronto, like this mindblowingly beautiful residence that’s currently up for a big design award. Check it out if you like quirky mid-century design (and maybe vote for it if you feel like it).

I just ordered a few things from Glossier and I’m totally hooked. My beauty routine has changed a lot this year (more skin, less make-up) so it’s awesome to find a company that has the same agenda. I am obsessed with their Cloud Paint cheek colour and serums.


A really thought provoking post about appropriating native imagery in fabric design on While She Naps, with comments actually worth reading. I always have weird feelings whenever I see cutesy Native inspired prints on Spoonflower by non-indigenous designers; I think this is a really important conversation.

Sasha got a lot of interesting makers together to talk about why they sew.

Brad Pitt in the desert.


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