This Week in Sewing Blogs // VOL. 123

Athena & Harry, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Happy Sunday! I am currently laid up in bed with cramps and trying to make the best of it, hence why I just ate an entire dutch baby while binge watching Search Party in the middle of a puppy cuddle puddle. As in more than one puppy.

So… it looks like we’re adopting a second dog! An older Cavalier named Athena (prounounce Ah-Teena because her previous owners were French) came into the dog therapy center where Harry works and after a few weeks of fostering we’ve decided to keep her. They are basically best friends now (well, when she’s not 100% alpha-dogging him) and she’s very sweet and well behaved despite knowing almost no commands, although we are working on sit. Walking two dogs (double the poop!) has been an adventure and we’re working through some separation anxiety but double puppy is definitely double the pleasure. Basically I’m living my best life right now: napping under a blanket of Cavaliers. Hoping you’re similarly warm and cozy right now.

This will be the last round-up of 2016! It’s been an exceptional year of sewing and creativity for me and I thank you all so much for the endless inspiration and motivation.


How groovy is this marbling dyeing technique?

Love the dramatic sleeves on Sew Pomona’s self drafted blouse.

Tasha’s western inspired Ginger jeans are bananas good. It is absolutely mindblowing what you can cook up once you have a pattern that works for you!

Doesn’t this skirt make you happy?

Lauren’s backpack: applause break.

Uggh, this dress from Lily Sage & Co is so good.

SWOONING over this tile print dress from Bobbin & Baste. THAT. PRINT.

I love these floral Carolyn Pajamas from the Style Maker Fabrics blog! These combined with the glorious floral Carolyn bottoms my girlfriend recently made make me want to tap into a floral rayon twill in my stash…

I have no words for what Sallie accomplished.

More cosplay fun; this moto jacket from Very Purple Person is totally wearable IRL.


Nick Offerman is basically my number one dreamboat. Here he offers amazing advice on woodworking, but let’s just apply it to sewing, shall we?

What’s the one piece of advice that you wish you had heard when you began your own art? 

Mistakes are not only okay to make, they are required for improvement. Forging ahead into uncharted territory can be much less painful once one embraces the fallibility inherent in being human. If you preemptively plan to make mistakes, and set aside scrap wood for that express purpose, then your learning is hard-earned and substantial.

I’m really looking forward to reading Marina Abramovic’s new memoir. She’s such a character.

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