This Week in Sewing Blogs // VOL. 111

This week in sewing blogs vol 111 // Closet Core Patterns

Happy Sunday my makers! It’s been an interesting week. I got invited to Parliament Hill (the seat of Canada’s federal government) for an event hosted by the organization that gave me my small business loan. Along with about a dozen other small business owners from around Canada, I had the opportunity to  meet a number of Canadian MPs and other Ottawa movers and shakers, bending their ear about the resurgence of sewing and the maker movement. Life goal met? No Justin Trudeau sightings, though to be honest, I did once talk to him in my metro station about environmental issues a few years before he was elected, but that’s another story altogether. We also had an opportunity to sit in on Question Period in Parliament, where for 45 minutes the majority party is essentially yelled at by the opposition. It was rowdy and funny and super special; how many chances do you get to see your democracy at work? Accordingly, my thoughts go out to my American friends this week; I know it’s been a very stressful, anxiety inducing election and here’s hoping things return to some semblance of normalcy on Wednesday (unfortunately you can’t all move here).

Here’s what everyone was making this week.


This luscious white linen Inari from Handmade by Carolyn.

Lauren’s navy twill Gingers are the ultimate wardrobe staple.

Erica is my DIY queen; this outfit is spectacular.

Love Melissa’s kooky Falda jacket.

A stunning blue vintage dress from My Happy Sewing Place; that blue!

Stephanie’s We are Knitters sweater looks soooo cozy.

I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see the results of Tasha’s Clare Coat plans.

Annnnnnnd clear sewing winner of the week (the month? the year?) is Sallie Oh. The breathtaking historical undergarments she made to wear under her upcoming Victorian dress (literally dying to see it) are MIND.BLOW.ING.


A fascinating history of wax print fabric in African fashion.

I’ve been obsessed with crisp white shirts lately; this short piece from one of my favourite fashion writers hit the spot.

I really appreciated this honest post from Megan Nielsen on how she makes her patterns; our process is a little different but it really shows how much work goes into well designed sewing patterns.


An 80 year old Chinese gentlemen walked the runway and stole the damn show.

Everything you wanted to know about growing gigantic prize winning vegetables (those carrots though!)

Ten life lessons to live by.

We have been obsessively listening to a reissued soul record by Gloria Ann Taylor. This song is pure magic.


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