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Happy Sunday makers! I’m currently waiting to go home after a weekend Ginger workshop at one of my favourite studios, The Workroom in Toronto. I’ll never get tired of seeing people discover how achievable jeans making is; for one of my students it was the first time EVER making a garment and she left with a totally professional pair in her hands. So. Awesome. Here’s what you’ve been up to:


Have you seen the new Cashmerette pattern, the Harrison Shirt? I recommended it to a few students this weekend when they complained about gaping shirtdresses.

Fiona made her first jeans and did a fabulous job.

Ginger Flares are perfect for fall and Melly NAILED IT.

Mokosha’s chic little black dress is totally my flavour these days. Black is the new black.

A tutorial from That Black Chic for a very funky little wrap top.

A very pretty Roscoe blouse from Blogless Anna.

I want to buy all of this beautiful handmade bias tape. All of it.


I love the idea of the Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp. This is a pretty fascinating series detailing what exactly they do there. The process is so utterly different from what we home sewists are up to.

An ode to the housedress.

I want this rad biking airbag SO BAD.

I need to update my iPhone iOS so I can paste these sewing kitty stickers on every text I ever send.


Kenzo is killing it at viral marketing videos. This one from Spike Jonze is a delight. I also loved Carrie Brownstein’s take on internet celebrity.

In case you’re looking for some really priceless one liners… the best of Micahel Kors on Project Runway.


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