Updating Our Back Catalog with New Pattern Samples & Photography

Updating our back pattern catalog // Closet Core Patterns

One of the things I was most excited about with our website makeover was the opportunity to reshoot some of our older patterns. I’ve totally changed our studio lighting setup in the last year and a few of our earlier patterns stuck out like sore thumbs, so I’ve been working to get all of our photography looking more consistent. And lets be real: it’s fun making new samples and freshening things up a bit.


The Bombshell desperately need new photos. The original samples were a little boring and the shots I took at my aunt’s hobby farm in California didn’t exactly go with our more classic studio shots now (it would drive me absolutely crazy every time I visited our pattern shop because I am an insane person who cannot stop obsessing about silly details). I had so much fun making new samples; it had been a while since I made Bombshells so I even found myself referring to the sewalong to make sure I was ruching things in the correct order.

I wanted to modernize the silhouette a little, so after consulting opinion on Instagram, I went with a Keith Herring inspired black and white print, and this gorgeous jade green swim lycra I have been hoarding for the past three years.

It also gave me the chance to show off a version of the pattern without the back ruching; it makes for a cleaner line if you don’t want as much volume around your tush.

I also made up a quick version of the high-waisted bikini bottom to go with our Sophie swimsuit bikini top: match made in heaven. I love that you can mix and match these pattern components together. It makes me feel like I’m heading towards my ultimate goal of being able to create a complete capsule wardrobe using just our patterns.

I love shooting Yasmin, my petite Persian bombshell of a friend. For the record she is a size 6, about 5′-2″ with a 32D bust. I shortened the bodice of the Bombshell an inch or so to fit her frame.



Another pattern I was happy to reshoot was the Nettie dress & bodysuit. I wanted to simplify things a bit, and just show a few samples rather than the half dozen I had made before (overkill Heather, overkill).

We made a super classic black bodysuit so you could see the overall silhouette, especially how great it fits in the bum (no panty lines, thank you!)

I’ve also been wanting to make a Nettie in black and white striped knit for forever, so I finally had a great reason to use this ponte from our stash. This is such a classic dress and I’m really mad it doesn’t fit me.

I am totally in love the quality of Art Gallery knits, so working with this abstract print for a high necked & backless Nettie dress was an absolute delight.



I was actually fine with the original Clare Coat photos, but I wanted to snap some more professional shots of the latest version I made with leather sleeves, so we just reshot the whole kit and kaboodle. This pink coat is still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever made.

Clare Coat Sewing Pattern // View A with Asymmetrical zipper // Closet Core Patterns

I’m kind of obsessed with how different the pattern looks with the fabric combo below. We are currently updating the instructions to include directions on making View B with an exposed zipper like I did here, but its also explained in this blog post in case you’re curious.


I am hoping to make new samples for a few other patterns, which we’ll get to eventually (I also just want an excuse to make some classic navy silk Carolyn Pajamas with cream piping).

I am on the fence about whether I’ll ever model our patterns again, but haven’t ruled it out completely. It was a great solution when I was first getting started, but it’s kind of liberating not to have to be the “face” at all times, and I love sharing my personal versions patterns on the blog, so hopefully it’s a little bit of the best of both worlds. Thankfully the vast majority of you told us you prefer seeing patterns modelled on a variety of women in our annual survey, so thanks for letting me off the hook guys.

I’m so happy we had a chance to give a few of our best-selling patterns a make-over – the shop looks much cohesive now. When was the last time you discovered a standby pattern with fresh eyes?

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