Updates to our Ginger Jeans

Hey y’all – just a quick message to let you know we’ve made a few small tweaks to our Ginger Skinny Jeans, Ginger Mid-Rise, and Ginger Flares. I’ve had the pleasure of fitting hundreds of people at this point in my jean-making workshops, and I noticed I kept making the same adjustments over and over again for the majority of my students.  When we reprinted Ginger this fall I decided to adjust the pattern accordingly – this will ensure an even better fit out of the package for most of you.

So what did we change? Basically, the front and back crotch at the inseam are a touch too long for most people. We shaved 1/4″ off the front inseam and 1/2″ off the back inseam to fix this; it’s subtle, but should save most of you from making any further adjustments. If you already have Ginger, don’t panic; there is no need to reprint your pattern. You can use the pattern as is keeping in mind we made this change (which may explain why you have frown lines in the front or why it seems loose in the back thigh) or pre-emptively make the same adjustment we did before you cut out your fabric. This is what the change looks like:

This change has also been made to our Ginger Mid-Rise jeans; the file has been updated in our shop and in the online jean-making class (if that’s where you downloaded it from).

We also adjusted the crotch of the Ginger Flares to be consistent across the board. While I was tinkering around, I decided to tweak a few other things. In my workshop fittings, I’ve found the flare is too wide at the ankle opening on the upper sizes, and a little too long. The flare has thus been narrowed about 2″ and shortened 1″. Again, no need to reprint your pattern. If you want to make this change yourself, this is what I did to front and back:

If you’ve purchased a digital pattern from us, your link has been updated and all download attempts reset. The print pattern has been updated as of October of this year; if you’re not sure what version you have, look at the copyright notice on the back of the envelope. If the year is 2016, the pattern has not been updated with these changes. Adjust accordingly, or proceed with the original draft and decide if you need to make these changes when you’re testing the fit.

As I’ve said, these are not major changes, just tweaks I wanted to make because I’m a perfectionist and want you all to have the best experience possible using our patterns. The benefit of teaching “in the field” makes it possible for me to see how things can continually be improved. Thank you for your understanding!


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