This Week in Sewing Blogs // VOL. 63

This Week in Sewing Blogs // Shanghai fabric Mart

Hello! I’m so delighted to be here today! Heather invited me to share my Week in Sewing Blogs and I hope you enjoy my collection! My blog is Veronica Darling and I’m an Australian based in China these days… but I’ve been sewing & blogging about it since 2007. Um… incredible, that’s a long time now! One thing I absolutely love is seeing new people embrace the craft of both sewing and blogging…and there’s been oodles of you over the years! YAY!


Stylish, simple yet amazing shapes over at Mai Attique, with Emily’s beautiful vintage pattern dress!

What an interesting woven top pattern sewn up at Crab & Bee! Super strong style!

This simple black dress by Kathy is definitely something I need to sew for my winter wardrobe here in Shanghai, but with Sewaholic’s Davie pattern and some added sleeves maybe?

And seeing Mary’s plumb number confirms I need more solids in my wardrobe! Oh autumnal heaven!

Carolyn has made another beautiful garment (when does she not?!) with this Issey Miyake Top and makes me want to sew white and simple clothes… maybe in 10 years when my 3 year old isn’t around, hey?

Fiona is spot on & gorgeous with this ‘vintage style yet wearable’ Joan Dress. I wonder how it’ll fit for the curvier shaped sewing queens?

I need to try sewing with wax cotton one day and how great is Roisin’s incredible print placement?

Fashion Hayley is definitely more fashion than sewing but her outfit this week has brightened me up and made me excited for the urban turban season approaching here in Shanghai!

And I want to move into Birdie’s bedroom after Meg posted her pink feature wall! I just LOVE pink right now!


Seamwork Radio has started! Sarai at Colette Patterns has truly become a jack of all trades after launching a podcast, with the first episode out this week! I loved hearing her talk to Jenny Cashmerette while I typed up my notes today… for we all sew for many reasons, but sewing for your own body and getting the clothing to fit you (instead of the other way around) is just so true to me as well (I’m under 5 foot/150cm and with hourglass proportions – VA VA VOOM) and I will always love the body positive side of sewing your own clothes. I’m interested in hearing how Seamwork Radio pans out, I’m a huge podcast listener having worked in radio as my main career… Sarai has a little ‘Dear Sugar/Sheryl Strange’ sounding voice to me, but maybe that’s a Portland thing? Can’t wait to hear the next one!

My little son has finally discovered Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’, and so now our favourite playlist for dancing around the house is: 1.Emiliana Torrini’s ‘Jungle Drum’ 2. Tay Tay and then 3. Tkay Maidza’s awesome for stomping ’Brontosaurus’.


A Stitching Odyssey has always been a favourite sewing blog of mine, and I absolutely loved reading Marie’s blog post from the weekend ‘Loving a Person, Not Their Gender’. The world is an amazing place and hearing about Marie & Charlotte’s journey this week reminded me that LOVE and understanding conquers all else. Heartfelt wishes to you guys!

Sherry at Pattern Scissors Cloth has started a new blog post series of Industry Insights from her day job as a pattern maker in New Zealand. Her first post shows us her work bench during grading season!


Great news for you sporty types, this week Sewaholic has released a bunch of excellent looking & shapely activewear to sew and I love the Cypress Cape’s back pleating details and those Pacific Leggings looks COMFY! But I loved the timing on the internetz sometimes, because I’d just watched this awesomely fun comedy skit “Active Wear!” by Australian comedy group Skit Box before seeing the new Sewaholic partners! If you need a laugh right now, you can thank me later!

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