This Week in Sewing Blogs // VOL. 62

This week in sewing blogs // View of Victoria

Hi everyone! Gillian here, from Crafting A Rainbow. I’m stepping in for Heather this week while she’s away on vacay. Have you been following her drool-worthy pictures on Instagram of the west coast of Canada? Swoon.


Meg posted about not one, but two Seamwork patterns this week, but mostly I’m distracted by her excellent ability to pair bright prints with solid black pieces for contrast. I’m taking notes!

Mary’s vibrant Southport dress made me wish it was still summer here too.

Suzy Bee Sews and Blackberry Jamble both made great Ginger jeans this week.

In my dreams, I’m as effortless and stylish as Hyer Handmade in her self-drafted slouchy tank and peekaboo Watson bra.

Heather started doing retro curl-set hair to match her gorgeous vintage wardrobe, and suddenly I found myself on YouTube watching hairstyling videos! That woman can convince me to do anything.

Another knock-out dress from Margo.

Portia’s tutorial on how to do a split hem would be a great save for a top that turned out too short.

Floral or denim: Which version of Morgan’s shift dress do you like best?

Katie’s ikat top has really interesting lines and such fabulous texture.

… and I joined in the fall trend of long cardigans!


Thread Theory’s post about how to choose fabric for men’s t-shirts has solid advice and great RTW examples.

The Dreamstress usually posts about her historically-accurate sewing, but this week she talked about indoor toilets vs. outhouses, and it is surprisingly fascinating!


I love Maria’s thoughtful posts on style and fashion. This post on how to buy less clothing offers both “light” and “dedicated” versions of advice on how to enjoy what you have and avoid what you don’t need. Part of her advice to to add up just what you spend on clothing – I’m honestly scared that the real cost of my sewing is a lot higher than I want to admit!

Hanne released a sewing dictionary, translating fabric terms in English, French and Dutch. I’m really excited to see the sewing community connect more across language divides, through multilingual posts, translated sewing books and instructions offered in different languages. Just think of all those fabulous bloggers and patterns I don’t know about because they aren’t in English!


Inline image 1This BBC 3-part documentary on the Suffragette movement and women’s rights over the last 300+ years is a fascinating watch. Even as a history nerd, I learned a lot! I’m forever grateful that the domestic art of sewing is a choice and a luxury for me, not something I do out of need or social expectation. Many thanks to all the feminists before me!

Too heavy a note to end on? Here, go watch my all-time favourite YouTube video: A Den of Kittens! 

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