Happy Sunday makers! I am currently at the very beginning of a much needed vacation. It’s more of a working holiday but I’m grateful for the change of scenery and the chance to connect with all my favourite people on the west coast. Please let me know what spots I should visit in Canmore, Vancouver, Seattle or Portland;  I’ll be hitting all of those cities over the next few weeks once I leave Edmonton tomorrow.

Here’s what you geniuses have been up to.


This mohair jacket from Pattern Scissors Cloth is gorgeous, and can I just say (AGAIN) how happy I am that Sherryll is writing her sewing blog once more?!

A very pretty floral frock from Clever Tinker.

Another lovely floral dress from Very Purple Person.

MORE FLORALS. This time in a sweet Moss Mini from Lindsey Woodward.

Really feeling Katie’s eco autumn wardrobe plans.

Karen’s Made Up Initiative fundraising adventure was a huge success. As was this GORGEOUS accompanying dress made from a vintage pattern.

So impressed with this knit outfit from Fadanista – every element was locally sourced in Perth!

The Scruffy Badger’s peacock embroidered Ginger Jeans are flirting with me.

A charming fit and flare clove printed dress from The Long & Winding Bobbin.


SOOOOOO excited for the new book from Kristiann (aka Victory Patterns), Boundless Style. Her design sensibility is flawless, and I think the pattern concept is very clever; every design element can be mixed and matched to create a seemingly infinite amount of dresses. She even has a lovely app to show you all the design potential. Can’t wait to get this baby in my hands.


A great post from Just Keep Sewing on an inspiring sewing collective in Kigali, Rwanda called Umutina.


If you’ve been following the news that Craftsy is about to launch a fabric and yarn product line, you may be interested in this open letter from their CEO on the While She Naps blog.


I was playing Youtube with my best friend last night and we were in near tears watching this video of Dog Fetch Fails.

(Source for featured photo by Christopher Payne here.)


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