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I‘m trying to squeeze the last juice out of summer with a very short camping trip today. Our campsite is on an island we have to canoe to, and I’m beyond excited to set up the hammock, cook everything in tinfoil, swim in the lake after a few glasses of wine and then go to bed smelling like bonfire. Bliss!

Here’s what the sewing world was up to this week…


Sasha’s Refashioners project is predictably original and inspired. Also, who knew you could make adorable shorts out of an old shirt? Dixie did!

I pretty much want to dance with Sallie in a field of wildflowers in matching dresses while Joanna Newsom strums her harp. Realistic dreams.

This drop-dead top from Katy & Laney is pure, perfect perfection.

Are you like me in that you’ve always rather liked puffy vests but never thought you could actually wear one? Kirsty from Top Notch will officially change your mind with her trip to floral pufftown.

I’ve always loved the Myrtle pattern; Mary from Idle Fancy knows how to work it.


I think we can all agree that Tiki drinks make the funnest drinks; here are some great recipes from Alabama Chanin. Please top with the cutest garnish ever – BANANA DOLPHINS!

It’s basically paradise at the farmer’s market right now, especially if you are completely obsessed with summer corn like I am. If you have a pressure cooker, make the corniest corn soup of all time using this recipe. It tastes like it has a pound of cream in it but that’s just the magic of the pressure cooker and a blender working together. Mind blowing, seriously. (ps. My pressure cooker was one of the best investments I made in my kitchen this year. You can do crazy things with it, including making great stock, pulled pork and melt in your mouth ribs in under a half hour. I couldn’t go back to life without mine. A good one like this is worth the cheese).


A fascinating article from Vanity Fair on PTSD in American veterans, as well as some really insightful commentary about our collective mental health. A must read.

I’m leaving my phone at home over the next few days and taking a break from being Phone People.


Currently playing this song on repeat. Like Elliott Smith with Crosby, Stills and Nash harmonies….



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