Support local and indie fabric stores who are still shipping using our international Sewing Stockist Resource!

We know many of you are turning to sewing as an act of self-care and stress relief during these difficult times, and we’ve received countless messages asking for help sourcing fabric and supplies, since many businesses are either temporarily closed or limited in operation due to shelter in place orders around the world.

Here at CCP we are concerned about the survival of the many local and independent sewing shops who support and supply our community. Many of these businesses are getting creative about continuing to operate, whether it’s a brick and mortar shop offering local pickups, or online only fabric stores working hard to fulfill orders with limited staff.

To make it easy for you, we’ve created an all-in-one guide where you can see who is still shipping, how they are fulfilling orders, and what kind of merchandise they carry. The Sewing Stockist Resource is an open-source spreadsheet that has been filled out by indie and local sewing shops around the world who are still operating, and we would like to encourage you to check it out and support these businesses for anything you might need, in particular, the brick and mortar stores in your area who may be struggling while being closed to the public (if you run an indie shop, feel free to fill it out if you haven’t done so already). The spreadsheet is organized by region (US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia & New Zealand and International) and we think you’ll find it helpful to source fabric and supplies, and perhaps discover a new-to-you shop.

We know how easy it is to place an Amazon order, but we’re hoping this resource will make it simpler to find a small business that needs your support. Feel free to share with your sewing pals, and let’s help to ensure our wonderful independent shops are still around when all this is over!



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