Spring Plan of Attack!

Spring Sewing // Closet Core Patterns
Seeing all my fellow bloggers organize and plan their sewing projects for the spring has inspired me. I had a number of half baked schemes but nothing official and I thought it was high time to figure out what is going to be on the cutting table in the coming months.

My biggest problem is a fabric addiction. I have no willpower in fabric stores whatsoever and the stash has been growing…. and growing…. and growing. I also have a huge stack of patterns to get through, along with a few bookmarked Burda magazine babies, not to mention pieces in the Burda Style and Colette books I’ve been dying to make. So today I spent a good portion of the afternoon matching fabric to pattern, and have come up with 12 projects to take me into the summer. Some of them may get pushed back if I happen to trip over a particularly lovely pattern or fabric but this should keep me busy for the next few months. I am aiming to finish 3 projects a month – these pieces will ease me into summer and are a good mix of work and fun.

I didn’t consciously plan it but most of the fabric I’ll be working with is super bright and saturated. So excited to introduce some bright, happy colour into my life right now. Bring on the sun!

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