This year I rediscovered the simple pleasure of a magazine subscription; no tablet, no screen, just me, a cup of tea and an hour or two in a patch of late afternoon sunshine while I dog-ear pages and jot down ideas. We all know the magazine industry is suffering, and it seems like every other month a craft magazine is shutting down; its for this reason that I started subscribing to Threads. We can’t expect these publications to survive if we don’t support them. And how else will we get to see Kenneth King demonstrating sleeve fit in hip hop pants?!

In that spirit, I encourage you to pick a sewing or craft magazine this year and actually buy a subscription. That little thrill you get when you see it waiting for you in your mailbox is priceless, and there is something real and lasting about taking the time and turning the page, rather than the ceaseless onslaught of online data 24/7. Here are some suggestions.


I love Threads. While the fashion and styling doesn’t always speak to me, it’s my absolute favourite place to get in-depth, detailed information on garment sewing from the leaders of the industry. They have the best techniques and tutorials, and even the advertising offers up new companies to check out. With a bi-monthly circulation, subscriptions are available in print or digital format. Annual subscriptions are $32.95 (US), $34.95 (Canada) and $38.95 (international). Totally worth it.

A bi-monthly magazine from F+W Media, Sew News features a mix of home, accessory and fashion sewing; they now feature exclusive PDF patterns and video tutorials with indie designers like Christine Haynes. Also check out its sister publication Sew It All magazine, which I believe is connected to the television show of the same name. Subscriptions for the print edition are $21.98 (US), $27.98 (Canada) and $33.98 (international).

Vogue Sewing Magazine is a division of McCalls/Vogue patterns and features articles construction, fit and fashion. Annual subscriptions are $22.95 (US) and $24.95 (Canada).


For some reason there are way more sewing magazines out of the UK than anywhere else! Makes a North American jealous.

Love Sewing is fashion sewing oriented with a modern point of view and includes numerous garment patterns with each issue. They are currently offering a copy of Gertie’s new book with an annual subscription. Prices are £27,75 for 6 issues (UK), £85.41 for 13 issues( Europe) and £105.17 for 13 issues (international).

Mollie Makes is less sewing oriented and more general DIY lifestyle magazine; the design and feeling is sweet and modern. Subscriptions are £53.49 (UK) and $108.99 (US and international).

Simply Sewing features modern sewing projects with a more contemporary edge; they feature a lot of indie designers like By Hand London and Tilly & the Buttons. Subscriptions are £64.49 (UK), £78.49 (Europe and US) and £94.99 (international).

Sew Magazine is another UK magazine with a mix of fashion and home sewing, and a column by GBSB judge May Martin. A 6 issue subscription is £29.75.

Selvedge is interesting; it’s focused more on textiles than sewing but it looks beautiful! It’s released 6 times a year and is available in print or digital for £50.00.

Burdastyle is a less of a magazine and more of a mini pattern library each month. There was a US edition but that seems to be have ended, so North Americans have to subscribe to the UK edition for $90 (US) and $130 (Canada). With all the different Burdastyle websites per country it’s a bit of a confusing mess so I can’t find the annual price in the UK, but they also sell individual magazines here.

La Mia Boutique is an Italian publication featuring numerous sewing patterns every month. You can buy individual issues here, but not sure about subscription rates since my Italian is non-existent.

Knip Mode is a Dutch pattern magazine. They have a cool, fashion forward vibe judging from the website I can’t read.

Another primarily pattern magazine, Patrones is Spanish and offers an international subscription for $132.50.

Ottobre is a Finnish magazine that prints 6 times a year; two of those issues center around women’s wear, the other four focus on children’s patterns.

My Image is a pattern magazine with a focus on on-trend fashion and style. You can also purchase individual PDF patterns in addition to a subscription.

Germany has a few sewing magazines including Diana Moden and Sabrina Woman.

Fait Main is a French sewing magazine. I like that they show you a PDF of each month’s contents in case you want to buy individual components.


Mrs. Stylebook is a great magazine with lots of patterns and beautifully illustrated instructions so there is no need to learn Japanese. I’m not sure if you can buy a subscription outside Japan, but I’ve picked up copies from this Etsy shop.

Did I leave anything out? What’s your favourite sewing magazine?


Hi! I'm Heather Lou, a pattern designer and sewing educator for the modern maker. At Closet Core Patterns, we transform your imagination into step-by-step implementation that helps you create a wardrobe you love - not one you're limited to buying off the rack.

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