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Hi guys! So, this has been in the works pretty much all spring and I’m really happy to finally explain (part) of what I’ve been working on lately. I’ve wanted to make a number of improvements to the back pattern catalog for a while, so over the last few months I have been tweaking and updating almost all of my patterns. All the changes are now live and the whole shop is on sale until next Wednesday (discount code: SUMMERLOVIN). Here’s what is new:


The most exciting change is that I’ve expanded my size range for all of my patterns (except Nettie), and now offer sizes 0-20. This was something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I had to confer with my grader and make sure that my sample size could be graded a little higher. So, if you ever wanted to make the Bombshell, Ginger or Carolyn but didn’t feel like grading up or down a size, I’ve got you covered! Unfortunately we couldn’t expand the sizes for Nettie because I had worked with a different grader on that pattern and it turned out to be impossible to regrade without getting a very different result, so I left it as is for now. Here is what my new size chart looks like:

Closet Core Patterns size chart


All my patterns now have French translations, and all future patterns will be launched with a French translation. Vive la français!


My copyshop files used to be formatted for North American printers, but now you should be able to print them on imperial or metric paper without issue. The files all now include written permission for single copy printing, for those of you who ran into that particular headache.


The Bombshell has been completely regraded and I’ve updated the instructions to come with very thorough illustrations instead of the photos I included before. I think the grading is much improved around the crotch and bum area so if you’ve bought the pattern in the past but haven’t yet made it up, I suggest downloading the new file.


The Ginger Jeans pattern has seen a few additional changes as well. I ended up developing the two options somewhat separately, and as a result there were a few discrepancies between the drafts. Rather than let it nag at me forever, I’ve fixed a few things that were bugging me:

  • The high-waisted version has been tweaked so that it lines up much better with View A when you’re trying to blend between options. They are now almost identical where they need to be.
  • Dropped the back saddle curve 1/2″ on both options, so you no longer need to do the alteration I suggested in the sewalong to help eliminate back of leg wrinkles.
  • Drafted a new pocket lining for the highwaisted option. In the sewalong I give direction for drafting a tummy supporting pocket stay, but Ginger now includes this piece in the pattern! It really creates a nice smooth line and I think will save you guys the time of doing it yourself.

If you’ve made a successful muslin for Ginger, none of this will effect you very much. However, if you have bought but haven’t made this pattern yet, I suggest downloading the updated and improved file.


To celebrate all these changes, I’m having a summer pattern sale until June 17th! Everything in the store will be 20% off if you use the discount code SUMMERLOVIN at checkout.

All of my existing customers should be able to access the new patterns using your old download links. If you’re having trouble, let me know!

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