Orange Crushing // Butterick 3407 Sewing Pattern

Butterick 3407 Sewing Pattern // Closet Core Patterns

One of my oldest, nearest and dearest friends got married this month. For our bridesmaid dresses she requested bright, summery colours. I immediately got to thinking about coral. It is the colour of my kitchen, the theme of this blog and the hue I turn to when I need an encouraging tap on the ass.

But what I was envisioning was not likely to be found in the mall, and I’ve been meaning to get to sewing already. So I started trolling the web looking for vintage 70’s patterns. I have a knee-quivering weakness for those sexy, slinky Halston jersey numbers sported by the Bianca Jaggers and Maggie Trudeaus of Studio 54. And this my friends is what I found on Etsy for $8.99:

Butterick 3407 Sewing Pattern // Closet Core Patterns

An easy-peasy discotastic pattern in my size and at the right price. I (blessfully) live spitting distance from a slightly rundown sewing district filled with dusty shops of discontinued fabrics, mismatched buttons and old man proprieters whose hands are welded to antique cutting scissors. And for only $5 a yard I found the most beautiful, silky 4 way stretch jersey in an almost neon coral.

I quickly realized my old Singer could not handle the stretch fabric so I borrowed a friend’s serger and pieced the bulk of it together in a few hours. I finished the gathered neckline by hand and left the bottom seam unfinished since the fabric looks cleaner without a hem and won’t unravel or fray. The end result? This little number:

Butterick 3407 Sewing Pattern // Closet Core Patterns

For the wedding itself I tied up my hair and kept the make-up pretty minimal. The humidity in Windsor in July is too intense for much else. Added some huge gold earrings, a vintage belt and flat Grecian sandals (unfortunately in the following photos you may see, ahem, Birkenstocks. I have recently sprained my ankle and required full hippie support at the drunken time these were taken).

Meat Locker Modelling 101:

Butterick 3407 Sewing Pattern // Closet Core Patterns
Butterick 3407 Sewing Pattern // Closet Core Patterns
Butterick 3407 Sewing Pattern // Closet Core Patterns

Miriam, Tereska, Barbi and I. Friends for 17+ years and going strong.

Butterick 3407 Sewing Pattern // Closet Core Patterns

‘Twas a magical night surrounded by DIY decor, fireflies, dancing toddlers, roasted pig and momma-made desserts. A fitting debut for my first homemade dress.

Outfit deets

Dress: homemade

Belt: thrifted

Earrings: Old earrings I picked up at the mall years ago but had fitted with 14K hooks so I could wear them all night without my ears going postal.

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