My Sew Frosting Plans

YOU GUYS! I am already so blown away by all the Sew Frosting enthusiasm I’m seeing on Instagram (seriously the hashtag is a gold mine of eyeball joy and delight). Naturally, I’ve made some plans of my own and today I’m going to talk about the sweet, sweet frosting I’ll be putting on my body this fall.

I don’t think I’m alone in my newfound obsession with velvet. I’ve never sewn with it before and now find myself with two velvet projects in the queue. I even went and sprang for one of these velvet boards for seam pressing (Elisalex tells me a towel works just as well, but I have a #velvethunger and like having the proper tools).

First up on my velvet agenda is this gold, burnished beauty. I spotted this crushed stretch velvet at one of my local wholesalers and bought a few meters without any kind of plan; it was pure frosting instinct. I’m on a gold/yellow/mustard kick right now and I love how rich and dramatic this colour is, and my “no plan” quickly morphed into “floor sweeping wrap dress”. I considered a few options but then stumbled on this vintage pattern on Etsy and felt that instant The One connection. I’ve made a John Closs/Butterick pattern before and love his 70s designs for their simple draaaaama.

The neckline on this is killer, and it has a deep V in the back too. I have a thing for a deep V back; it’s so sexy without trying too hard. I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to wear this crazy gold explosion, but then decided to take our small team out for a fancy Christmas dinner where we all get tarted up and collectively tipsy. I think it will be perfect for the occasion, and fingers crossed I have another holiday party or two to attend while wearing it.

Speaking of gold crazy, may I introduce you to my hopefully-wearable-after Halloween costume? I’m going as Maggie Trudeau (ex-wife of our greatest Prime Minister, 70s icon, Studio 54 regular, ex-paramour of Fidel Castro) and it’s such a hilariously specific Canadian reference I am okay with also just looking like a disco queen for the night. Amy (best pal, Closet Core employee) is my date and is going as Fidel. I am very excited.

This pattern (Vogue 9634) has been in my stash forever (I think my Mom got it for me at a garage sale) and needs to be graded up significantly. I’m not too concerned given how simple the design is. I AM concerned about this gold lame; it is the slinkiest fabric I’ve ever sewn with and will show, erm, everything. I may need to invest in some kind shapewear underneath because no one needs to know that much about all my curves and crevices. Nobody. If it turns out trashy-chic instead of trashy-sick I’m sure I’ll wear it again at some point, because a gold lame jumpsuit is really as practical as a little black dress IMHO.

My final frosting for this season is another velvet number. I’ve been dreaming of a silk velvet Amy Jumpsuit for months, so I finally caved and bought this fabric from Mood. It’s got a lovely swing and drape, and I can picture it looking equally stunning on its own for a party, or layered over a turtleneck with some knee-high boots for day. I kinda can’t believe I’ve never worked with velvet before — I cannot WAIT to get started on this.

What are your sew frosting plans? And don’t forget, the deadline for the contest is November 30!

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