Say hello to my new lover.


Did you think I was going to inundate you with photos of my new Parisian boyfriend? THAT’S WHAT INSTAGRAM IS FOR.

Nope, this loverboy is of the all metal, all chrome, all the time variety. He’s so handsome.

Why you may ask, do I have ANOTHER sewing machine, despite having bought Bernie last summer? What Heather, is a Bernina not good enough for you or something? Your five existing machines just weren’t cutting it?

Well, my lovely and amazing pal Izzy had this vintage White sitting in her closet for years. Her grandfather was a tailor and this was the machine he used for much of his career. She gave it to me about 6 months ago, knowing I would use it and love it more than she could. It’s been sitting on my studio floor ever since, until i finally brought it to get fixed last week.

My lovely repairman (who only charges $45 for a tune-up!) was so happy to see this baby when I brought it in. He told me it is a wonderful machine and after he tuned it up, I have to agree. It doesn’t sew nearly as fast as Bernie, but you can feel the strength and power in it (like any self-respecting loverman, of course). I plan on using him as my secondary “topstitching and grunt work” machine, since I’m pretty sure Mr. White could sew through sheet metal. I also got Bernie tuned up since the timing was giving me trouble, and realised when I got it back that it was probably messed up from the day I pulled it out of the box, since thread nesting is no longer an issue. Thank heavens for warranties.

Want to see some more beefcake calendar shots?

I’ve never gotten rid of sewing machines the 3 consecutive times I’ve traded up, and as a result they are starting to pile up in my house. I’m hoping to finally start doing some sewing workshops this year, and since I have a big enough space to host at least 4 people, I thought it prudent to keep all of them to teach with.

Anyone have any knowledge of White machines? My cursory googling hasn’t told me what model this is, and there isn’t a ton of information on the company online. I’d be fascinated to know more…

In other news, I am busy making oodles of samples for the new pattern, hence a lack of new projects lately. I have also FINALLY bought a domain name and have been teaching myself WordPress and CSS, which has mostly looked like me banging my head against a wall, repeatedly. Hoping to get that baby up and running within the month. If I don’t throw my computer out the window and start sending out blog posts by smoke signal that is.

Hope you all are well, and for my Western hemisphere friends, surviving the winter. It’s been the coldest one I can remember in a long time and I’ve been drinking a lot of red wine and making a lot of rich food for the fella. Things are getting lumpy around here. Thank you universe for stretch pants (many of them, layered against the Polar Vortex).


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