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Clare Coat pattern with vintage fabric // Closet Core Patterns

A special treat for you today; I am pumped to show you a super creative Clare Coat that graced my inbox recently. Kathryn was kind enough to send me photos of her finished coat and I practically squealed (that’s a bald faced lie; I actually squealed, for real). She doesn’t have a blog but she did give me permission to show you guys this magic.

I love this make so much; she used vintage fabric she’s been hanging onto for a few years, and I am completely smitten with all the personal, creative touches. Such a good example of using a pattern as a blueprint or starting point for true sartorial self expression.

Clare Coat Pattern-3Clare Coat Pattern-5

In her words: “Hola! Kathryn from Edmonton here, with some pictures of my completed Clare for you. I did a ‘frankenclare’ as you can see. I adjusted the length for my short self, used contrast fabric for the collar and welt pockets, and threw in some cuffs too with my last scraps of contrast fabric. I also added a hang tie to the CF of the coat, to keep things nice and straight on the hanger. The lining has a thermal interlining with Kasha lining, which wound up being heavier and stiffer than the outer shell, so I wound up tacking the layers together at the side seam to make all the layers play nice. Also, I ran out of main fabric, so as you can see, the facings are a light blue denim.

Those are the personalized touches I added. Otherwise, I followed your sewalong exactly, which is new territory for me, as I usually go rogue on instructions. Everything came together beautifully, and I learned a few new tricks. Lastly, this coat is EXTREMELY toasty and comfortable, and I think it will see me through the rest of this winter quite nicely.”

Clare Coat Pattern Clare Coat Pattern-4 Clare Coat Pattern-6

I’ve been so excited to see Clare Coats popping up in my instagram feed since the launch. Have you been following the Fancy Tiger Crafts coat sewalong this month? Jaime made a gorgeous olive checked version.

If you’ve blogged or instagrammed your Clare, please send me the link in the comments! Makes my heart flutter to see them.

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