Stowe Bag by Grainline Studio & Fringe Supply Co // Closet Core Patterns

Did I intend to write an installment for the Snoqualmie Knitalong this week? I did. Did I run into problem after problem (read: mistake after mistake) with my left front cardigan that required me ripping and reknitting approximately 4300 times? I did. Did I decide to leave the knitting post till next week when I wasn’t filled with impotent rage? DING DING DING.

So instead, let’s discuss knitting bags, those handy things you can throw your tortured projects into when you secretly just want to throw them in the trash like a burnt but laboured-over dinner. A much more practical and less destructive solution, right? Keep them out of sight until cooler heads prevail.

Stowe Bag by Grainline Studio & Fringe Supply Co // Closet Core Patterns

Last week my friend Michelle came over for a Stowe Bag sewing party. She’s a major knitter (as in, knits extremely elaborate Icelandic motifed sweaters on tiny 2.5 mm needles for 3 years at a stretch) but doesn’t have as much experience sewing, and wanted a little help. It was a good thing, because we realized after ironing our fabric that the pattern calls for double fold bias tape, one of those things that’s always nice to watch someone else sew first. Thankfully I had a box full of the stuff so we weren’t stopped dead in our tracks.

I thought this would be a good stash-busting opportunity so I reached for some Ikea upholstery I’ve been hanging onto for far too long (why I ever thought I’d actually make and wear a psychedelic unicorn dress is beyond me), along with some Essex linen left over from one of my many Inari dress projects.

Stowe Bag by Grainline Studio & Fringe Supply Co // Closet Core PatternsStowe Bag by Grainline Studio & Fringe Supply Co // Closet Core Patterns

The large bag is seriously roomy, and took up way more fabric than I would have guessed. I love the thoughtful pockets inside (big enough to fit folded pattern instructions), especially helpful if like me you’re constantly going back and forth to your boyfriend’s house and always seem to be missing a measuring tape or pair of scissors. I can now happily carry everything but the knitted kitchen sink in this thing, with room to spare for puppy food, puppy toys and a change of clothes for me if I happen to remember. Basically it’s become my overnight/dog diaper bag, along with holding my naughty Snoqualmie.

While the colour palette is a little, ahem, loud, it’s a cheerful way to carry my mostly cream knitting projects. If I make another, I may gravitate towards a sturdy monochromatic fabric that will blend in a  little better with my mostly neutral wardrobe.

Stowe Bag by Grainline Studio & Fringe Supply Co // Closet Core Patterns Stowe Bag by Grainline Studio & Fringe Supply Co // Closet Core Patterns

The little guy is the perfect size for a small project like a pair of socks. I accidentally sewed one of the pockets to the outside but I’m just going to call it a design feature. Not crazy about the white or blue bias tape however… next time I’ll try and make self-fabric bias  so it doesn’t feel so contrasty and cheap looking. Uggh, store-bought bias tape. My kingdom for a reliable source of handmade stuff in pretty prints and colours.

We’re headed up to the country this weekend with some French friends, so needless to say I’m bringing both bags so I can go crawl up in the corner and knit when my brain hurts from trying to understand what everyone is saying after a few bottles of wine. Hope you have a great long weekend!


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