Hello friends. I just finished the most epic sewing trip ever – simply waiting for a good time to document it. In the meantime…..

AM I LOSING MY MIND? Let me rewind. A few weeks ago I shared a few modern knitting patterns here. Stephanie suggested I check out a few of her faves on Ravelry and I fell in serious like with this “Boxy” pattern:

ISN’T SHE LOVELY?? So cozy and swingy. I love the oversized shape and the architectural sleeves and it reminded me so much of the beloved (now pilled and worn out) cashmere sweater I bought in Paris. I had to have. Had to.

So I bought the pattern and headed over to my neighborhood knitting store (owned by perhaps the MOST verbose man I have ever met in my entire life – he knew more about yarn than all of the Nanas so it took about 3 hours to get out of there) where I was faced with an unavoidable reality; this sweater uses sock weight yarn and requires teeny weeny needles. TEENY TEENY WEENY WEENY.

I am an instant gratification kind of lady. I will eat ramen rather than walk 2 blocks for pho. I will suffer through a bad streaming video of Project Runway rather than wait the 10 minutes it would take to download it. I ALWAYS make my self ill eating raw cake batter. So when I knit, I like big effing needles and chunky as shit yarn (that was really a poorly chosen description) so I can whip out a scarf in as little time as possible. As a result of this GIVE IT TO ME NOW mentality, I have only managed to make one, really, truly, hideously ugly sweater about 10 years ago that I only ended up knitting because it called for a chunky wool. Trust me when I say, no one, not even a homeless Icelander, would have worn this thing.

So I was faced with a real dilemma: continue on my path of quick yet unwearable chunky knits, or invest my time (possibly the whole winter, possibly the next 11 winters) in one project that I will actually love and adore. I chose the love and adore route, obviously. I picked a gorgeous silk and merino wool, bought a few slightly graduating sets of TEENY TEENY WEENY WEENY needles and got to work.

After 2 episodes of Buffy (yes, I’m rewatching it, and yes it’s still possibly the greatest tv show of all time), I managed to get half through my gauge test. To be fair, I am really working on perfecting my tension so it’s slow going:

I really hope you’re laughing right now. BECAUSE I AM CRYING. If anyone wonders what I will be doing during the moments I am not sewing, eating, sleeping or brushing my teeth, it is knitting the merino silk albatross that is the Boxy sweater.

Good night.


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