Introducing the Maker Journal

A few weeks ago I mentioned switching up our weekly Sunday blog post format. For the past few years, I’ve been scouring the sewing web for all my favourite projects, tutorials and news which I then I share in a round-up post. I would keep up with my blog roll regardless of this round-up since our community is at the foundation of why I sew and why I started making patterns, but I needed a bit of a change. Sometimes just making a few tweaks to something is all you need to do to get excited about it again.

Essentially, our weekly round-up is now bi-weekly and will be sent via email to our newsletter subscribers rather than posted on the blog. I made this change for a few reasons. First, it lets us play with the design and layout of the post in a new way. I had a blast designing the new format; it feels much more editorial. It also makes it a little more structured and part of our weekly schedule, rather than something I am frantically remembering to do on Sunday morning when I should be eating brunch (I cannot tell you how Sundays I’ve ruined by suddenly realizing I had a blog post to get out).  Alexis can participate more in helping me put it together since she’s just a voracious a blog reader as I am. But perhaps most importantly, I just really love a good email newsletter. I subscribe to a few (I highly recommend While She Naps and Ann Friedman Weekly) and it’s always a fun distraction from my day when they arrive. I want to send something directly to you that gets you excited and inspired to make something.

Our revamped round-up is now called the Maker Journal. It still includes all my favorite sewing related projects and tutorials from the web (in addition to some of the non-sewing related stuff I’m enjoying) but we’re also including a few new features. One section will now spotlight customer projects using our patterns. We’ll also be including a sewing hack or tip with each issue and would love you to submit any tips you have for that here (if we choose your tip we’ll send you a free PDF pattern!) I’ll also be highlighting tools and resources I can’t sew without, along with exclusive discounts to participating sewing retailers (if you’re one of those retailers, get in touch with us to learn more about how to be included).

We sent our first Maker Journal out this past Sunday and got amazing feedback on it; it feels like just the right change for our business as we move into fall. If you’d like to see that first edition, you can read it here. If you’d like to sign up to our newsletter and receive our new journal every other week, you can do so here.

Change is good! We hope you like the Maker Journal as much as we like making it!

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