MAKE BOSS by Closet Core Patterns: A Series for the Creative Entrepeneurs

Being your own boss and running your own crafty or creative business can be really exciting and fulfilling. It’s also the absolute worsty-blurst from time to time. There are days when I want to throw my laptop out the window, pack a bag and take off with nothing but a few hair ties and clean pairs of underwear. I’m not the first one to say it, but it is just silly how much time I spend just dealing with administration. I don’t keep track of those hours, because then I would cry. If I had another pair of arms I could sew and type simultaneously, but since my stupid earth-bound body hasn’t evolved to suit my needs, I have other strategies for balancing all the boring, business-y stuff that has to get done, and I figured some of you might be interested in some of what I’ve picked up and researched over the last year or so when it comes to the business side of a creative business. Because y’all know how much I love to research, and it seems like a waste to have it rattling around in this lonely brain, when maybe some of it will appeal to you too.

The Make/Boss series will tackle the un-sexy side of entrepreneurship: setting up a webstore, accounting that won’t make you want to kill yourself, organizing your computer to maximize efficiency, email best practices, blog monetization, and whatever else occurs to me once I get going. Hopefully you’ll find some of it interesting even if you’re not running a business; everyone needs a little life hacking now and then. I don’t have a set schedule for posts, but I’ll be back later this week with a heap of information on business accounting, since I’ve been in spreadsheet purgatory for the last few weeks and it’s all fresh and angry on my mind.

In the meantime, is there anything you’d like me to talk about? What issues or challenges do you face as a small business owner? Any subjects you’d like addressed? Let’s get through it together.

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