Ikat Goodness: My Latest Kalle

Kalle Shirt/Tunic in Ikat fabric // handmade by Closet Core Patterns

I was editing some photos last week and realized I had imported the pics of this make and then totally forgot to schedule a post on the blog. Sometimes that happens because I’m not so excited about the finished object, but this black ikat Kalle tunic is 100% awesome and 100% deserving of a little discussion.

I’m sorry, poor neglected Kalle. You are still loved.

What often happens with our patterns is that I need to give them a personal timeout post-release. After months of obsessively thinking about them, they are often the last thing I want to sew once I have some spare time. Such was the case with Kalle. This particular make was started well over a year ago, but I just couldn’t muster the will to finish it until we moved to the new studio and I found myself in the mood for tackling the UFO pile. Did I cheat on her and romance other shirts in the meantime? I did. But Kalle, WE WERE ON A BREAK.

This particular fabric has sat in my stash for ages and ages. I bought it on a trip to NYC a few years ago and finally decided to cut into it. I have a few Kalle dresses, but only one much-loved tunic, and wanted to add another into the rotation. The fabric is 100% cotton and surprisingly soft and almost drapey; ikats tend to have a slightly rustic weave which means they aren’t as structured and crisp as say, cotton shirting. I was pretty squeezed for yardage so I did my best to balance out the print without obsessing too hard over it. If you’re looking for something similar, Stone Mountain & Daughter has the best collection of ikats ever.

It’s been a little too humid for jeans lately, but I’m excited to pair this with my white Ginger jeans once I can actually peel them on and off again. I have a strict no peel policy at the moment.

Details: Kalle Shirtdress pattern, refashioned Levi’s, Dansko sandals (comfiest sandals EVER)


Hi! I'm Heather Lou, a pattern designer and sewing educator for the modern maker. At Closet Core Patterns, we transform your imagination into step-by-step implementation that helps you create a wardrobe you love - not one you're limited to buying off the rack.

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