Getting older and golder (and learning the benefits of a muslin) // Vogue 1209 sewing pattern

Vogue 1209 sewing pattern // Closet Core Patterns

The beast. The trial. The Courtney Love. The Very Difficult Birthday Dress.

I barely made it out alive.

I’d been hoarding this gold woven fabric ($3 a yard! I love living in a fashion center!) for months with the intention of turning 31 while throwing as much sparkle and twinkle at the world as humanly possible. I think it’s safe to say I underestimated what that would end up entailing. Which was… tears, hair pulling and A LOT of seam ripping.

Never again will I start a difficult project for a special occasion without making a damn muslin. I fell in love with this pattern a few months ago and thought it would be perfect for the fabric.  I’m not sure what happened exactly as I was exceedingly careful when I cut the thing but the fit was WAY off. Nothing lined up. When I finally managed to topstitch the gathered bits it came out crooked. Both times. On both sides. Even though I triple checked the gathering points in the back, the waist ended up at my hips and I had to McGyver the ruching so that the thing actually fit me. I took it in what felt like 10 times. I messed up the invisible zipper. I used the wrong interfacing. And to make matters the worst, with all my re-ruching and whatnot, I ended up with a hem that was almost obscenely short. BEFORE I hemmed it. Not to mention all the seams I had to rip out and start over because I kept forgetting to french them (you heard me).

In the end, after a pretty aggravating amount of time, I managed to turn something out I wasn’t completely embarrassed to be seen in. But despite my fretting, everyone at my (AMAZING! FUNNEST! KARAOKE! DANCE!) party loved it. Unfortunately I woke up the next morning with a KILLER hangover and a few mystery snags and stains so I’m not sure if I’ll wear it again. But oh, how I learned.

Before the party:

Getting ready for party:

Being very tipsy and having amazing time at party:

I claimed it was too dangerous to open the pinata in the traditional hit with stick manner since everyone was so bombed. But really, I just wanted to stand on the bar, rip it open and dump it on a screaming crowd. Simple pleasures.

Older & Golder dress:

Pattern:  Vogue V1209

Total Cost (including notions): $17

Time to Make: Honestly? Over 30 hours. Sigh.


What I learned:

Make a muslin, dummy. Remember those french seams. Pick the right interfacing. Ruching. Topstitching slow and straight. Rolled hems are my bitch.


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