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It’s been a busy month in the sewing room. In a mad spree I finished my insanely laborious and almost heartbreaking birthday dress which I will be posting as soon as I have a Saturday with good lighting. Tonight I finished the seams on my first pencil skirt, which I hope to give a try out at work tomorrow.

In the meantime, some collages of images I’ve found inspiring on Pinterest as of late. As usual, my heart belongs to gold:

I’m not sure I’ll ever tire of it. In my teenage years I thought it was tacky and old lady, and preferred expressing my inner Courtney Love with lots of sterling silver. These days I don’t leave the house without dripping in some kind of fake gold accoutrement. Been gravitating towards sequins and gold leather and evening looks for day. This collage directly inspired my birthday dress, which couldn’t BE more Russian trophy wife.

As for colour, I have a few yards of a cotton knit cobalt which I cannot decide what to do with. Once I narrow down the pattern, I’ll be peacocking along looking something like this:

All images sources can be found here.

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