Sewing Tool Hacks for the Frugal Maker

Hi all! Amy here. As I’ve said time and time again, I’m cheap. Not the stiff bartender variety but more the “do I really need that?” type of hobbyist. I use my mom’s old sewing machine and save for a…

Pattern Mash-up: Dreaming of Spring

Hi y’all, Amy here. I don’t know about you but usually around this time in February I start to get a little sick of my wardrobe. The sweaters that seemed cute around Christmas are starting to feel a little stale…

Choosing a Size and Grading Between Sizes

Hi all! Amy here. We are continuing this week with our Back to Basics series. Last week I showed you how to take your own measurements, and this week I’ll show you how to take those (along with some other…

How to Take Your Own Measurements

Hi all! Amy here. As part of our 2021 agenda, we wanted to start the year by going back to basics. We have such a range of sewing abilities in our community, from pros who have been sewing for decades…

2020 Year In Review

Hey y’all! Amy here. I’m not sure I can put a unique spin on summing up 2020. Is there a person on this planet who doesn’t expect 2021 to be at least a little bit “better” than this year has…

2020 Gift Guide for Makers

Hi y’all! Amy here. I absolutely cannot believe I am putting together another gift guide! This weird year has both dragged on and flew by and I have officially lost all sense of time. We are facing a holiday season…


Hi! I'm Heather Lou, a pattern designer and sewing educator for the modern maker. At Closet Core Patterns, we transform your imagination into step-by-step implementation that helps you create a wardrobe you love - not one you're limited to buying off the rack.

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